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by The R. Family on Blank Business Name

Eiric helped us to get our first home!!!! We were blessed to have worked with Eiric! He was very honest, efficient, thorough, and the list of positives go on and on! He was very patient with us and explained every part of the process to us!Eiric is absolutely the BEST there is!!!!

by Clayton & Maria D. on Blank Business Name

This is my first time buying a home story. My wife and I have been married for two years now and we have been living in a small apartment. We recently had a baby girl and came to realize very fast we needed a bigger place that we could truly call home. The first lender we went through said he had all of these great programs for us and we would have no problem buying a house. My wife and I were so excited we could barely sit down. So we started the process. Well as time went on things got complicated, he stopped returning our calls and also said the programs were changing and was going to cost us more and more money. We believed him and just chalked it up to being new to this sort of thing. Then two days before we were supposed to close (one day after he said everything was good to go) he calls us and says he could not give us the loan. My wife and I were devastated, we had packed already and had canceled our lease already. So we called our realtor and she was floored, never has this happened to any of her clients before. She referred us to Mr. Eiric Smith with PrimeLending. We went to his office, sat down with him and told him our story. He told us he would do the best he could to get us into the house we fell in love with. We only had three weeks before the sellers were going to move on to someone else. He said he had never done a loan so fast, but he would give it everything he had. He stayed on top of our file the whole time, he was honest about eberything and told us from the gateexactly what we needed to do. He was always polite and understanding. No matter how many questions I had he always gave informative answers even when I repeated the same questions. He either answered when I called or called me back in a very timely manner. Without a single day to spare he did push our loan through and got us our house. His honesty and professionalism were impeccable. I fear we would have lost our dream home if it wasn't for Mr. Smith. for anyone looking to buy a home or needs a loan I give Mr. Eiric Smith six out of five stars.

by Sandy H on Blank Business Name

Eiric Smith helped us get our 1st home loan and what a relief it was to have him working with us! Right from the day I sent my application to him until after the signing, Eiric was in continual contact with me. He explained each step and the reasons for it, as we worked our way through the process. Eiric never made me feel as though my questions or concerns were uncalled for, and he patiently answered each one (some several times) until I understood the situation. Eiric always made me feel as if I was his most important client and that I was his primary concern each day.Eiric Smith was a real blessing and helped make our dream for a home of our own come true.

by Shannon and Chris C. on Blank Business Name

We started the process with a well-known online lender during the holiday season in 2010. Our lender, Eiric Smith, Whom I personally think is ‘Ol Saint Nick in in disguise, was nothing but patient, understanding, and extremely helpful with everything. Eiric, we sincerely thank you for the excellent work and expertise that you gave us in this process.Over the years, we started the process of purchasing a home many, many times and would always end up stopping in the middle of the development due to lenders not having the fortitude to explain how the procedure worked.The buying process is a tedious and mind blowing experience for anyone and that includes myself and my husband. It drove me crazy and became so stressful that it was just easier to walk away than to continue with buying a home. But Eiric never gave up. He kept telling me we’d both be laughing at the end of this. Just hang in there with him and he will get me through this.It is very rare that you come across someone who genuinely cares about their clients’ best interest and caters to their individual needs. He is sharp and is such a straight shooter, that he made this process easy and painless for me…and that’s saying something with my steep learning curve in this area and my million questions!Eiric went so far as to remain in contact with us throughout his own personal time. Very late office stays, late night phone calls, weekend interruptions on my behalf. But he took it with stride. You just can’t beat the level of service we received from him. He is the best lender I have ever had the pleasure to work with. My realtor was so pleased with his approach, that she is going to start recommending Eiric to her potential clients as well.I just want to thank you Eiric, for the opportunity to work with such a great person and wonderful organization that delivers when you say they will! The experience and pleasure was all mine. I will certainly recommend you to future buyers! THANK YOU again, for our very first home!